• Mission & Vision

    After completing several iconic projects in and around Mumbai and achieving significant amount of triumph in various projects across categories the company aspire to emerge as the leading realty and space developer in India with a future line-up of projects planned across the city. LD's vision is to be prospected amongst the best and most innovative real estate developers in the country by creating value for their customers through excellence in corporate practices and real estate products.
    • To create value for all.
    • To stand for commitment.
    • To be eco-conscious and contemporary.
    • To build residential icons where happiness is a way of life. 
    • To designs commercial workplaces where work is what you love. 
    • To erect luxury apartments which truly delineate your status in life


    • We do not compromise on safety or quality
    • We strive to exceed expectations
    • We do not tolerate under-performance in ourselves or in others
    • We constantly look for innovative and creative solutions
    • We go the extra mile to deliver